Micro Service Architecture for Mobile Apps

In today's world where Software development is evolving and where deployments are increasingly cloud based and clients are increasingly mobile based, MicroServices is a trend to focus on. A microservice »

Build ChatBot Apps on DronaHQ!

We are excited to share that now you can easily build Chatbot Apps for your organization with DronaHQ Mobile Suite. With ready chatbot templates connect to AWS, Azure or any »

What's new with DronaHQ!

We are excited to announce launch of our brand new version of Drona mobile, now DronaHQ. It took us more than expected time to come to this version, but we »

DronaHQ is SaaS live!

DronaHQ offers users a do-it-yourself (DIY) experience with free plan to its enterprise mobility platform. Users can create custom business applications in minutes and deploy them across teams, groups or »