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Why build enterprise mobile apps at all when mobile web can give an app like experience?

The business case for progressive web apps is very clear:

  1. App discoverability is a challenge when an enteprises starts producing mobile apps for every small, tiny transactional service like performance appraisal app, leave approval app, sales lead management app and so on.
  2. App download fatigue: Public app stores report that 60% of apps never get downloaded. For enterprise (private) app store, these numbers would still be higher. (Add to it the privacy concerns of registering ones personal device under an enterprise MDM)
  3. App loyalty: App downloaded once, but getting a user to be hooked on to it is yet another challenge resulting in larger uninstalls.

The case of enterprises is a bit classic. Enterprises have been developing hybrid apps for their transactional apps (creating HTML5, js, CSS apps). So at the core they are building mobile web with elements from MADP (mobile app development platform) to give their users an app like experience. Result of this is an app, albeit with a good user experience.

This strategy to solve the user experience problem of mobile web with packaging mobile web with phonegap like tool into an app leads to a similar situation of publishing too many apps for an enterprise user. The business case for progressive web apps is as applicable to enterprises, if not more.

Problems that Enterprises brought on with this approach are:

  1. Building too many apps leads to app discovery, download fatigue and loyaly problems
  2. Building the same stuff like SSO, push notification and capability to store offline and other engineering elements in every app
  3. Spending too much time on marketing apps and their upgrades
  4. Invest in dev-ops of maintenance of apps
  5. Adding overhead of managing & securing data that gets dispersed into these apps with MDM/MAM

We solve these problems with DronaHQ

Think about DronaHQ as a browser that lets you render mobile web with an app like experience. DronaHQ achieves this with:

  1. DronaHQ container: is a cross platform ready app that lets you host, deploy and run your modern enterprise web app (written in HTML5/JS) seamlessly, without the need to download any extra apps on your device and enables you to provide a perfectly app like experience to the user.
  2. DronaHQ JS APIs: it provides your enterprise mobile web apps the needed wherewithal to add offline capability, SSO, secured storage, secured file system, push notification, inbox and other essentials needed to give a user - a wow experience.
  3. DronaHQ cloud: it lets the IT team manage mobile web apps and apply the needed IT policies to make them aligned to your enterprise policy
  4. DronaHQ Backend as a service: It provides user management, SSO and push notification service which every enterprise app needs as a ready service which can be used by any mobile web app to go live faster on DronaHQ container

In many ways you can say that DronaHQ is an enterprise avatar of progressive web app with its own bridge to enable device native access, ready SSO, push notification, notification consumption, inbox, IT policies